Unicode SMS

Wish to send messages in your local language? Yes, that is possible. You can send SMS in English or code your message with special characters as you may want. This help you free yourself from all language barriers and you can reach out to your targeted group of customers more easily.

Fast Delivery

Just with click of the button “Send” your sms reaches your customers. Instant delivery of your message is what we guarantee. Your message will take less time whether you send SMS to thousands, lakhs or even more at the same time.

Quick Reports

As a business owner you would like to know how your campaigns are working for you thus our platform provides reports that you can find on your dashboards. Reports are automatically generated for each and every campaign you run.

Contact Management

You may have thousands, lakhs or even more contacts that you may like to manage or segregate into groups as per you preference. Our contact management feature can help you manage all your contacts the easy way, provide you multiple options to group contacts, mark the important ones and much more.

API Integration

Our platform is equipped with the most reliable and easy-to-use SMS API which can be seamlessly integrated with any of our client's business site, systems, or applications.

SMS Scheduling

Scheduling your SMS campaigns can save your time and that is what we aim at with our unique SMS scheduling feature. You can select the dates for your campaign and be free from all worries. Your message will be delivered as scheduled even when you are in deep slumber.

Sender ID & Template

You can send personalized messages by using your own Sender ID. You can add your company name as you may wish to or can hide it as required. There will be templates for you to choose from.

Promotional SMS

You can send promotional SMS to your prospective customers anytime you may want within a few clicks. You select your template, write your text, select group of the receivers, schedule it if you would like it to and click on send. That easy it is.


You will pay less for sure. That is our promise. You can view history of the payments done.


Our SMS platform has been designed and developed with more focus on making it simple and user-friendly so that anyone with basic knowledge of computers can use it. We can say confidently that our system is unique in its own kind with all unique features and easy to operate.

Opt in, Opt out

Your customers may want to opt in for future sms or some may not like your message or may want to opt out. Therefore, perceiving the importance of abiding ethical rules of marketing, we have added this feature of op in and opt out that can let your customers opt in or opt out of your messages anytime they want.

Real Time Reports

No sooner you start your SMS campaign, you can get the reports you wish to see to track real-time activity of your campaign. Finding out how many people your SMS has reached till now or how many have read it etc.

Download Reports

You can view and download reports or save online as per your wish.

Customer Support

We have a dedicated team of experts who would be ever-ready to help clients anytime they want to. You can call us anytime you want and we will be there to help you setup your first campaign, let you know more of what you can do with our platform or how better you can enhance SMS campaign or dispel doubts you may have etc.

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What our clients say

It has been about three years and we are extremely happy with your great SMS Services. We wonder how you manage to bring for us such good results all the time…. Thanks a lot for all your dedicated services.

Pradeep Shah

Never thought that I would receive such great results by SMS Marketing. It is really wonderful. Your team really has done a great job for us. We hope you will continue to perform the best in future too. Thanks a lot.

Anita Kagada

Thanks for increasing our customer-base with your unique SMS Services. I would certainly recommend your services to others. Thank you.