We strictly follow TRAI principles, rules or guidelines and we want our clients to follow the rules to. It is all legal so it is necessary.

Yes, you can and it is all very easy too.

We provide HTTP and XML API which you can download from the link that we will provide to you when you ask for it.

API stands for Application Program Interface. Our Bulk SMS API is very simple which you can easily integrate with your business site, systems or applications to send messages to your customers. To know more about our SMS API, please, talk to one of our executives.

Yes, we provide FREE TRIAL or FREE Account for our customers who would like to know more about how our software will work for them. Please, use the following link to sign up for FREE to discover simple ways to success in your business.

You will get reports on each and every campaign you create. You can test delivery pattern by sending an SMS to your own group too.

YES. It is 100% safe. We take strict safety measures, block third-party access with use of latest firewalls, and other cyber safety procedures.

You can follow the guidelines which we will email you once you register with us. We are sure you yourself can setup your first campaign without our help because our SMS platform is extremely user-friendly.

No. On contrary, your customers will bear the normal SMS charges if they reply to your SMS.

Yes, you can receive responses from your customers for all the messages you may send. All responses will land in your inbox of our dashboard.

It would just be 30-40 paisa or even less than that. (Get to know more about pricing, request a callback on our number 9966588075).

It is cost-effective. It helps businesses reach out to new customers more easily. (To know more about its benefits, please, request a callback on our number 9966588075).

Sending SMS to targeted recipients from 100-10000 or even more is called Bulk SMS. It is easy to send 100-10000 or even more than 10 lakhs or so using our innovative Bulk SMS Platform.


Have any questions? Please, write to us to info@bulkksms.com and we will respond to you sooner than you can even expect.

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What our clients say

It has been about three years and we are extremely happy with your great SMS Services. We wonder how you manage to bring for us such good results all the timeā€¦. Thanks a lot for all your dedicated services.

Pradeep Shah

Never thought that I would receive such great results by SMS Marketing. It is really wonderful. Your team really has done a great job for us. We hope you will continue to perform the best in future too. Thanks a lot.

Anita Kagada

Thanks for increasing our customer-base with your unique SMS Services. I would certainly recommend your services to others. Thank you.